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Welcome to Construfutur

We are a new company in the market, but with a vast knowledge in the field of construction, thanks to the team that leads us.
Construfutur has as main focus; Protect the environment; So in our constructions we idealize, design and execute in a way that environmental impact is the smallest possible; So a large part of the materials used for the construction of our homes are recyclable and achieve a reduced environmental impact at the time of building.
The main material used by us is light steel cold shaping, and the constructive system with this steel is called LSF (Light Steel Framing), known to some and unknown by many, is a system already used all over the world.
We have focused especially on this constructive system because we believe that it will be the future of construction, and by studies presented and proven is a system of excellence. Another strong point that makes us believe in this system is the versatility that brings us this product and the creativity that gives to our architects at the time to project.


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