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Privacy policies

This document relates to the protection of individuals with regard to the processing of personal data and on the free movement of such data and is fully regulated by Portuguese law.

Construfutur assumes a permanent commitment to protect the privacy of personal data provided by its clients in the context of the services provided by it.

This document therefore aims to provide users with the necessary information regarding Construfutur’s privacy policy so that they can give their express, free and informed consent to the processing of their personal data Carried out by Construfutur, when requested during the subscription process of the services.

The customer declares to know and accept the privacy code standards available on the Construfutur website by consenting the publication/disclosure of your personal data.

The personal data provided by the users during the process of subscription of the services by Construfutur will be processed under the legal and regularly foreseen terms.

The processing of personal data shall mean the entire operation or set of operations carried out with or without the aid of electronic or automated means, regarding the collection, registration, organization, maintenance, interrogation, drafting, modification, Selection, extraction, comparison, use, interconnection, blocking, communication, disclosure, suppression and destruction of data, if the latter are contained in a database or not.

The processing of personal data may consist – partly as a consequence of how the customer decides to use the services to be in text files, photographic images or videos, audio tracks, telephone lines, and any other information that may be Used to identify the person concerned, according to the type of services requested.

This procedure will respect the principles of legality, good faith and transparency and ensure respect for users ‘ rights, in particular because of their right to private life reserve.

Processing objectives

The purpose of this procedure is to allow the provision of services by Construfutur in the manner intended by the client, as well as the independent management of the service by the latter. To this end, the customer shall register as a user and create his/her profile, when providing the services by Construfutur collection, storage and processing of data for subsequent operations, technical and administrative management of Services and exchange of electronic communications.

The processing of data by Construfutur will comply with all applicable legal rules, namely in compliance with the tax and accounting obligations that they prevent.
The personal data of users will also be processed in order to allow “Web browsing”.

The purpose of this processing is also the collection, storage and organization of personal data of the client in order to conduct statistical analysis anonymously. This analysis will not allow the identification of the client and is intended only to ascertain the quality of the services provided by Construfutur

Processing procedures

The customer’s personal data will be processed electronically and automatically.

Communication and disclosure of common personal data

The common personal data (of non-sensitive nature) may be communicated by Construfutur:

  1. To persons and companies providing legal, fiscal, financial and accounting consultancy services to Construfutur;
  2. Institutions, entities and/or authorities to whom the data must be transmitted under the statutory and/or legally envisaged terms;
  3. Entities linked to the commercial activity pursued by Construfutur and strictly related to the provision of services by the latter (e.g. national domain name registration authorities, authorities managing the Whois database, and entities to Who Construfutur delegates the technical maintenance of the services provided by them, including the maintenance of network devices and electronic communications networks.
  4. Commercial partners of Construfutur, but only in case the client gives his express consent.

Optional or mandatory consent

If the customer does not provide his/her personal data, the subscribed services may not be activated, and this is a decision of Construfutur

The client’s consent is also optional in relation to the processing of data with a view to conducting market studies, research and statistical analysis; To the sending of advertising and informative material through telephone service providers, through automatic messages without the mediation of an operator or by fax.

Customer consent is also optional for receiving unsolicited commercial messages. These have to be immediately and unequivocally identified as such and contain the indication that the recipient of the message may in the future refuse to receive messages with that content.

If the customer chooses not to give his/her express consent to the processing of his/her personal data for commercial purposes when questioned for this purpose, that refusal shall have no consequence regarding the provision of the service by Construfutur

If the customer consents to his consent, the terms described above may be admitted to participate in promotional contests organized/promoted by Construfutur

Sensitive data processing

When the customer uses Construfutur’s services, certain personal data classified as sensitive may be processed, particularly data revealing racial or ethnic origin, religious, philosophical or other convictions, political opinions, Party affiliation, State of health or sexual orientation.

Construfutur suggests that the customer does not publish sensitive personal data, unless it is strictly necessary or that it chooses services that do not imply such publication.

In any case and outside the exceptional situations, such data may only be published with the Express and specific consent of the customer in writing or otherwise equivalent.

On the basis of what has been stated above, Construfutur recalls that if the customer does not provide his express consent to the processing of sensitive data and intends to use services that entail the treatment of personal data later Have to modify their registration beforehand, providing the necessary consent.

If for any reason the customer does not provide his express consent for the processing of sensitive personal data and subsequently subscribes to services that presuppose such treatment, Construfutur shall not be liable, as the Disclosure of sensitive data on the web will be the sole responsibility of the client, regardless of the fact that Web space management is provided by Construfutur

However, Construfutur reiterates the aforementioned importance of the prior modification of the registration by the client, granting the necessary authorisation for the processing of sensitive data if it intends to use services that necessarily involve the use/ Treatment of this information.

Sensitive data, particularly those that reveal the sexual orientation of the client will not be communicated (except in cases of legal imposition) or disclosed by Construfutur

If the customer intentionally uses the services provided by Construfutur to communicate and/or disclose their sensitive personal data on the Internet, such situation does not represent any conduct accepted or practiced by Construfutur to the extent that the Client communicates this information in the context of private and independent management that makes the WEB space that is available to it by Construfutur or in the context of the normal use of the services provided by the latter.

Any processing of personal data of third parties provided by the person concerned

When the customer uses certain services (e.g., promotional activities carried out by Construfutur) that allow him to request the registration of domain names in favor of third parties, the personal data of third parties provided by the customer to the operator may Be processed. In this case, the client assumes the role of independent data manager and the inherent legal obligations, namely that of compensation for any damages caused to the third party for breach of rules relating to the protection of personal data. In any case, if the customer provides or processes personal data of third parties while using services provided by Construfutur, it warrants and fully assumes that the third party has previously authorised the processing of your personal data.

Data controller and Data processor

The data controller is: Construfutur, headquartered in Avenida João XXI, 695 – 1st Room 4AD, 4715-213 Braga

You may contact the data processor, under the law, at any time by contacting the data controller – Construfutur in order to exercise the rights provided for by law.

Data storage and security measures

The data will be stored by the time defined by applicable laws and regulations, on the servers of Construfutur in any case, your data will be stored strictly for the period of time required to accomplish the objectives mentioned Previously, which should correspond to the validity of the contractual relationship between Construfutur and the client. If you cancel your account as soon as you cease using the services, your data will be erased, except where maintenance is strictly necessary for compliance with legal, financial, tax and accounting obligations, after ceasing Use of the service by the customer. Once these obligations are fulfilled, your data will be eliminated. We also inform you that these data will be collected, processed and maintained in full compliance with the legal provisions.

Right of access to personal data and other rights

The customer has the right to be informed:

  1. Of the source of personal data;
  2. Of the purposes and methods of treatment;
  3. Of the logic applied to the treatment, in particular if it is carried out with the aid of electronic means;
  4. Identification of the data controller, data processor and its representatives;
  5. of entities or categories of entity for which personal data may be communicated and who may know such data as designated representative (s) in the territory of the State, processor (s) of data or persons responsible for the Processing.

The customer has the right to obtain:

  1. updating, rectification or, where interested, the integration of the data;
  2. Deletion, anonymity or blocking of data which have been processed illegally, including data for which maintenance is necessary for the purposes for which they were collected or subsequently processed;
  3. Certification for the purpose that the operations as referred to in points 1 and 2 have been notified, to the entities to whom the data were communicated or disseminated, unless this requirement proves to be impossible or manifestly disproportionate form in relation to the right That should be protected.

The customer has the right to reject, in whole or in part:

  1. For legitimate reasons the processing of personal data concerning him/her, even if they are relevant for the purpose of collection;
  2. The processing of personal data relating to it, carried out for the purposes of sending advertising material or direct selling, or to assessing the performance of the market or commercial communication.



For any information in order to exercise the rights provided for by law, in the terms described above, the customer may write to:

Rua Egas Moniz N º 219
4765-541 Serzedelo, Guimarães

The customer may also send their request for information via email to the address [email protected].